Monday, July 11, 2011

How to use Touch Mobile (TM) AstigTxtAll

Touch Mobile TM's AstigTxtAll is very economical text option if your budget is really tight. For only 15 php you'll be having all 150 text all networks. Whether it's Smart, Sun Cellular, Globe, or Talk-n-Text.

The only drawback is this last for a day, however for those unused text will be carry over if you re-activate again for another day of astigtxtall before your expiration.

Cool in a way that it is accumulating, uncool is that you'll be needing a constant subscription of 15 php everyday. I wish it is always accumulated regardless of the expiration. ;)

To check your TM astigtxtall balance: astigtxtall bal 8888
To subscribe for TM astigtxtall: astigtxtall 8888

To check or TM balance inquiry for your "Real" balance: *102# or 802

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