Monday, December 8, 2008

Balance Inquiry for TouchMobile (TM) Users

Ironically, I forgot how to check my load/credit balance in my cellphone. I kept on sending ( "balance" to 222 ). I wanted text message balance inquiry since I like to keep a record in my inbox. In my despair, I called "222" and an answering machine answered.

"Sorry, this call is not permitted"

...and I'm like...what??!!!!

When I got back to my computer, I reliazed I'm not using Globe Prepaid but rather I am using TouchMobile (TM)

So hastily, I googled "touch mobile how to check load".

I didn't get what I wanted to see on the first page so I changed my search keyword to "touchmobile check balance" and found my answer in Yahoo! Answers PH.

Here's the procedure for balance inquiry for text:


Here's the procedure for balance inquiry through calling:



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1 comment:

kinny said...

I too have switched to TM from Globe. The promos are just too good to pass up. I prefer checking balance thru *102# as it is free. the call charges Php1.00 per right?