Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My BPI Express Teller International ATM Card

I just got my BPI Express Teller International ATM Card today. It's kinda cool, I can do so much with this card. Firstly, I guess I won't have to fall in line and get late going to work when paying my Meralco Electric Bills (or any other bills for that matter lol).

I can make bank transaction through telephone, cellphone, and even online banking.

I guess I'll be satisfied with card.

Kudos to all!

Here's some pictures, how you will receive your card in BPI. Btw, I got it within 24 hours. Some brances offers on the spot.


paul said...

Hi, I was planning on openning a bank account (ATM). I'm really confused between BDO and BPI.. Can you help me out?.. Thanks..

grace.emlano said...

I would like to ask if my sister (in other location-here in Laguna)could send/deposit money to my ATM Express Teller Account even if she didn't have my ATM card. I really don't know the process. Please help me. Kindly reply to my e-mail address: gdvemlano@yahoo.com.ph. Thanks and God bless.

Mae said...

Hi! What are the requirements for applying? Can I apply online or did you? I need to get one too soon. Thanks!