Friday, December 12, 2008

SmartBro... very disappointing

The infamous SmartBro a.k.a SmartBroken, former Smart Wifi juiced the brain cells out of my skull. The 2mbps upgrade in connection is still a "politician's promise", selected areas are said to have this upgrade.

But here at our place, they haven't made the upgrade. Their antenna and my canapy is only more or less kilometer from our house. And yet 384kbps, but nowhere near to their promise (Smart) of 7 times faster than dialup.

I think they are referring to "at 7 times faster... to be cut-off from the net, terminate the service, not paying the remaining bills because of the 1 year contract..."

Yes it is still 7 times faster than dialup, in that sense above.

If only we have another internet provider in our area.. sheeesh

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