Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Virtual post-it software for your Windows XP

When I realized that my "hard copy" of post-its' are falling off like leaves on my desk (particularly on my computer's casing. I realized I wanted a virtual post-it, search the net for one and bump to this open-source post it program for windows xp.

It's called "Stickies for Windows"

It needs Microsoft Windows Installer and Microsoft .NET 2.0 to be installed.

It's really handy. Got bored with the usual notepad usage... hehe

Hope you enjoy it too.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Programmer's Curse: Frustration for Life

"If you give someone a program, you will frustrate them for a day,
but if you teach them how to program, you will frustrate them for a lifetime."

The Curse has bestowed upon me, and I will be cursed for life. Although it's an enjoyable curse that I will enjoy for life. Programming strengthens one's mind and judgment in all aspect of life.

Currently I'm a Web Programmer in a Marketing and Advertising Firm that helps website promotion (or SEO/Search Engine Optimization). Most of my work focused on PHP, MySQL, Web Administration, SEO and improving the company's existing CMS and Wordpress' Blogging Software.

One of my favorites in adding my Zen Wisdom is from Peter Norvig's Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years.

And Robert L. Read's How to a Programmer helps my debugging tasks.

Nevertheless, sharing from my experience, weakness helps to strengthen you. I'll be forever buried to improve bad software and good software.

Still, it's enjoyable. :)