Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can Google help you in all of your search inqueries?

Most people nowadays rely on Google for their search inquries, well I do too. However, for the longest time that I've been googling my way out to problems such as coding bugs, latest currency exchange, newest softwares, or even how to deal w/ my kid's tantrums.

All of my google faith is lost when a critical issue is not solved. My HP laptop didn't boot after I've dismantled because I need to apply thermal paste to the CPU and GPU. When I plug it in, the power button is lit, wireless is lit but all black screen. The CPU fan seems to respond and working properly too.

Googling for hours and hours with the keyword 'HP G60 125nr won't boot' I've arrive up to page 10 and still no joy!

The only relevant search results is telling me to hold the power button for 10-20 secounds while power cord and battery are unplugged. Then plug it back in, this will reset the capacitors to zero state they say. My next option is to reflash the bios like what I did w/ "Acer Aspire One that won't boot" too.

Out of frustration, all of sudden I thought about the 'other search engines', bing or yahoo, but it's really a long time since I used those.

I tried the very same keyword to bing, no joy.

Fortunately, the sun shines again to my desperation. Yahoo gave me the correct search, and guess what. Page 1 and first link...

It led me to HP support that is nowhere to be found if you try browsing HP website. The page advises that I should remove peripheral devices (such as HDD, wifi and CMOS batter) leaving the RAM intact only.

I plugged the laptop, and viola. HP logo at the screen.

Just want to share to you all, if Google fails. Try yahoo`ing, or bing`ing...

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