Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Naruto 431 Spoilers

Well, I have been restless about the Naruto 431 issue. Spoilers and raw manga sources have seemed to leaked out now. According to http://anime-and-manga.info/naruto-431-raw-spoiler/, Naruto will make an awesome comeback with his new skills.

Oh, I really want to see the frogs fighting out with Naruto.

And Sasuke will show up, according to this raw spoiler.

Source: http://narutoarchivex.blogspot.com/2009/01/naruto-manga-431.html

And it seems a lot of guys in the forums predicts with the same prediction (including me as well) that sooner or later Bee (the one who can go well with his 8-tailed jinjuuriki) will teach him to tame or go well with the 9-tailed fox.

The excitement is killing me, I might hibernate from Naruto again for a month or more so I can manga reading marathon again.

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