Friday, January 23, 2009

The Limits of Sage Mode - Naruto 432

If you have read Naruto Chapter 432, its very ironic to see Sage Mode in a very short period of time. Well, you know Naruto. He's always impulsive and jumps into strategies without thinking. He used "Rasen Shuriken", the Rasenggan Shuriken, but this time he was able to throw it at the enemy at a distance.

However, Pain didn't take a critical hit. The Rasen Shuriken exploded, and took almost all of Naruto's Sage Chakra.

Gamabunta swallowed up Summon(or Animal Realm, I really forgot... :D), disconnecting it from Pain's Rinneggan.

Naruto took one of Pain's bodies with double "rasenggan" on both of his hands.

Now Naruto ran out of Sage Mode, the question is...

How will he fight Pain, now that he is not in Sage Mode.

Hope the "Ninja of Suprises" won't disappoint us, or atleast I got one clue for Naruto 433 predictions. Pain will manage to escape.

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Rammyboi said...

hello! daan lng po. u love reading manga pala, especially naruto. I gave up reading manga since nung umalis ako sa previous job ko. :D it's nice to meet people who shares the same interest as mine... maybe not with manga but with anime... basta may similarities sila. :D

Wow! u've tried out P1 pla. I was hesitant to play that kasi 1st person daw ata sabi sa reviews. ayaw ko pa naman maglaro ng 1st person na game. na hihilo ako. hehe. Na search ko lang yung site ni Gamer Pinoy while looking for stuffs about SMT series. yun, na amaze lng ako na may MMORPG xa. hehehe.

anyway, nice meeting you po. cnxa sa mahabang post. :D God bless!

Ivan Rubio said...

Persona 1 is an RPG game way back in Playstation 1.

Every friday lang naman labas ng Naruto Chapters, tamad na ako magantay sa anime dahil ang layo pa ng story line :D

More Shin Megami Tensei will be featured in Gamer Pinoy so watch out.