Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rohan Online Closed Beta

Rohan Online looks like an exciting game, I almost can't wait for it. LUG announced Closed Beta February, 2009.

I hope they will not exceed the Closed Beta testing and quickly move to Open Beta Testing...

...and never ever reset the servers.

I will definitely play this addictively if they don't reset the server.

The point of being early in the game during closed/open beta testing bores me quickly if my account got reset.

More Rohan Online PH info here


Stacey Tee said...

"...and never ever reset the servers." ---yeah. Do you play LUG's PW?

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy bloggers at mabuhay ang mongo bread!

Jan said...

I'm automouse2.
we sell great rohan game-bot.
it works with scanning screen of the game. ( not hacking )
it's safe, stable, perfect.

plz check up.

Thank you. Have a nice day ( ^ ^)