Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Hackintosh

After a week or so... (I think I started January 21, 2009) , I have successfully configured my LAN to work. It's an onboard Intel Pro 100/VE LAN adapter. It took me days just to configured it. Finally I have good internet connection on my PC that run MAC's OS X. Configuring drivers for a non-mac computer like the PC takes a lot of patience, attitude, concentration, coffee, peanuts, and a whole lot of reading. You see, configuring in a "hackintosh environment" is like setting up a linux system. You configure your own drivers, setup up vendor and device id manually. Unlike in windows that you just double click your driver installers.

Upon writing this post, I'm actually writing "in it" using the operating system of mac in a pc.

Here's the screenshots of my Hackintosh.

and here...

(Having hardtime to get a screenshot though, it's quite a culture shock if you are used to windows)

I made the screenshot using GRAB.
I have installed Yahoo Messenger for my mac (err.. pc), blogged, surfed, chat and the SDK Developer Kit for iPhone.

I still have more to do, my video card aren't running at it's full capabilities. My desktop resolution is 1024x768, and my soundcard still aren't working.

But I guess all will be easy now I have internet connection.

The Damn OS is fast...

Check out my installed iPhone SDK

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